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Welcome to Tom and Amy's Site!

Howdy, we're Tom and Amy

We are currently residing in Spring Valley, MN. Tom is originally from Milwaukee, Wi and is a very loyal Green Bay Packers fan i.e. bleeds green and gold. Amy is originally from Shaumberg, IL and is a finatical Chicago Bears fan and still holds on to hope (poor thing).

Hi, I'm Charlie

A.K.A. Car Dog. I'm getting a little gray like my ol' master but I still have a little left. This is a picture of me at one of my favorite places in Minnesota, the falls at Judge C. Magney State Park. These falls lie just below the Devel's Kettle, another amazing geographical creation. I love to swim and "rock dive" at this spot.

The House

We are currently residing in our first house in Spring Valley MN. Tom loves the kitchen and the garage which doubles as a male crisis center. Amy loves everything about the house. We planted a nice flower garden and a vegitable garden as well....mmmmm fresh tomatoes out of the garden. It doesn't have a white picket fence but a fence nonetheless, Charlie is in heaven in his own space. No more chained up Charlie!!! We had our first child, Kasey Marnie, she is the aplle of our eyes. So far the easiest baby I could have imagined...call us lucky but knock on wood as she is still only a little over a year. She just started walking the last week or so...fun!!!

Say Hello

Drop us a note anytime @ white.thomas@netzero.net

Our Master's Site

If you have a chance, please check out our master's site