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Here's a collection of cool photos.

Here's some pictures of the people, family and the one's we love!!!

Guys weekend at the cabin

E-Pop's and Amanda's Send-off

:) Billy and Suzie's Wedding on Lake Superior

Danno at Lambeau...God's Gift to Football

Ricky works the ice on Lake Winnibigosh...By Gosh

Poker with the Johnson Clan...I'm Winning???

Wrigley Field...Quite the Place

Gramps and his can of Poop Soup???
Amy and Tricia Furheads!!! Noah and Abe..the Nephs
The Yoders............ Pie Eyed!!!!
Lovers??? Fire and Rain
Honeymoon Camping...Hotttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! Hey whatda ya shay!!!
Ol' Stogey Joe!!! Lutsen Baby!!!
Johnny and Ricky Opener 2005
Joe and Amy at Sandy's Pool Tourney The Neices...Emma and Jordan
Matt, Jen and Amy on our way to Wrigley Mic and Davey Boy
E-Pop, Tom adn Amy at the Trestle Inn New Year 2004-2005
Rainbow over Silver Lake Tom and JK at the Times
Summer Party at Heidi and Johns